Fairly looking cruiser design
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Our client approached us with a requirement of a cruiser. He gave us a free hand and time. We did some research what should we do for the final appeal. A lot of designs were around with their own definition of a cruiser but we although wanted the same term but wanted to present it like no other.,br>
And what we got -

A riding position tampered in such a way so that the rider would be comfortably lean backward with not much effort enabling easy shifting of gears. A 130" section tyre set up on both front and back ends with an over sized petrol tank adding to the bulky look. Seats made with that extra cushion with a ribbed pattern. Fenders with an elongated look for that fairly looking cruiser design. A majestic two tone gloss black and a sparkle silver polished the horns of this bull. And our cruiser is ready. Oh and forgot to mention- the low end torque with a descent power to compliment the cruiser definition was fulfilled by a 500cc Thunderbird. Doesn't it look majestic?

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